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Department of Labor’s Teen Worker National Online Dialogue and Raising Awareness of Teen Workplace Safety

The Department of Labor (DOL) will host an National Online Dialogue on Empowering Teen Workers April 19 – 30 to gather ideas on better ways to reach all teens, including teens with disabilities, with important information about their workplace rights and protections. The public—including teens, parents, employers and other influential adults of teen workers—are encouraged to participate. DOL and OSHA will use their social media platforms to share messaging about the online dialogue and workplace safety and health for teens who or will be employed over the summer.

Here’s how you can help:

  • Share this one-pager about the online dialogue with your stakeholders, particularly those who work with or employ teens, and encourage them to participate.
  • Follow DOL and OSHA as they share posts and information through their social media platforms. You can find them as @USDOL and @OSHA_DOL for Twitter and @departmentoflabor for Facebook.
  • Follow a campaign organizer, CareerSafe, who can be found on Twitter as @CareerSafe and on Facebook as CareerSafe Online.
  • Retweet or share their posts on your page or feed.
  • Respond or comment using #KeepTeenWorkersSafe and #KeepWorkersSafe.
  • Review the social media posts on KeepTeenWorkersSafe.org or in this toolkit, then make them your own, originate the messages from your account, and use #KeepTeenWorkersSafe or #KeepWorkersSafe in your posts.

In addition, please show your support by posting the following message on Tuesday, April 20th:

I care about the safety and health of teen workers! Share ideas on empowering teens in their workplaces: https://teenworkers.ideascale.com #KeepTeenWorkersSafe #KeepWorkersSafe