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CPWR Recorded Webinar: Best built plans: preventing injury & improving productivity by reducing manual materials handling

Manually lifting and moving heavy materials on job sites can result in strain, sprain, and related soft tissue injuries.  These types of injuries cost businesses billions of dollars and are a leading cause of disabling injuries in the construction industry. CPWR’s new Best Built Plans program responds to this issue by providing contractors and workers with practical tools and information to plan for safe manual materials handling while staying productive and profitable.  Learn more about the program, its components, including a site planning tool and interactive training and coaching resources, and how you can provide feedback to ensure it meets workers’ and contractors’ needs in this 30 minute webinar.

Presented by:  Eileen Betit, Research to Practice (r2p) Director, CPWR, Gary Gustafson, Training Director, CPWR, and John Strand, Social Marketing Consultant

The live webinar took place on Wednesday July 25th, 2:00 pm Eastern and is now available as a recording here.