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On-Demand Webinar: Tools for a Successful Workplace Safety & Health Program

Presented by: 

  • Safe+Sound – Andrew Levinson, Deputy Director, OSHA Directorate of Standards & Guidance
  • FSL – Linda Goldenhar, Director, Evaluation & Research, CPWR
  • S-CATsc – Tom Shanahan, Vice President of Enterprise Risk Management, National Roofing Contractors Association, and Keith J. Vitkovich, Executive Director, Roofers & Waterproofers Research and Education Joint Trust Fund

CPWR is proud to be a partner in OSHA’s Safe Workplace + Sound Business Campaign – a nationwide effort to raise awareness of the value of workplace safety and health programs. Learn about the Campaign and new tools and features of two popular CPWR resources that you can use to improve safety on your jobsites during this 1-hour webinar.  The Foundations for Safety Leadership (FSL) program, a free, OSHA 30-hour approved elective released in January 2017, has already been used to provide thousands of construction foremen and other lead workers with the skills and information needed to become effective safety leaders and to strengthen their jobsite safety climate. This webinar will introduce new FSL program resources and how to use them. The Safety Climate Assessment Tool (S-CAT) website and free online tool allows contractors and their employees to assess and find ways to improve their jobsite safety climate. Working with the Roofing r2p Partnership, which includes the National Roofing Contractors Association and the United Union of Roofers, Waterproofers and Allied Workers, the tool was adapted for smaller construction companies. This webinar will introduce the S-CATsc and answer questions about which version is best for your company.

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