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IWH updated study of the union effect on safety in the ICI construction sector

Canada’s Institute for Work & Health recently published a report on their study of the effect of unionization on the incidence of workers’ compensation claims in companies from the Institutional, Commercial and Industrial (ICI) construction trade sector in Ontario. Using data from 2012-2018, this research updated an earlier IWH study (Amick et al., 2015), which used data from 2006-2012. The earlier study concluded that unionization lowered the likelihood of organizations reporting lost-time injury claims and increased the likelihood of them reporting no-lost-time injury claims. Both the present study and the Amick et al. (2015) study were consistent in finding a favorable union safety effect on injuries requiring time away from work, including both musculoskeletal and critical (more severe) injuries, among companies in Ontario’s ICI sector.

Read more at https://iciconstruction.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/IWH-OCS-Safety-Study-Report.pdf.