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Resources to Improve Safety and Health on Infrastructure Projects

Construction worker safety and health must be at the heart of every project funded by the new Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. CPWR is urging its wide range of partners – including members of the building trades, contractors, and government officials – to join in ensuring all workers in our industry come home safely every day. To help the industry meet this vital goal, CPWR is providing expertise, knowledge, and tools. They include a new safety briefing paper and a special section of cpwr.com that makes it easy to access proven, free resources, such as:
  • Tools to help plan for safe work, improve safety culture and climate, and comply with OSHA requirements
  • Safety and health training programs and materials
  • Information on best practices and solutions
  • Research on persistent and emerging hazards
These materials address all three of the main categories of projects covered by the infrastructure bill: transportation; climate, energy, and the environment; and broadband. Let CPWR know how they can collaborate with you to improve safety on infrastructure projects, including by providing content for your newsletters, presentations from experts, or other kinds of support.