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Summary Report: Research to Practice (r2p) In Construction: Science, Strategies & Partnerships to Advance Safety & Health: June 2015 – June 2019

The annual r2p Seminar and Partnership Workshop (meeting), initiated in 2015 and held in conjunction with the annual meeting of CPWR’s Research Consortium, is an integral part of our Research to Practice system. This meeting provides a platform for researchers to report on their projects’ progress and findings and to receive feedback from industry stakeholders (e.g., contractors, trade associations, unions, trainers, manufacturers and insurers) and other researchers. It also creates an opportunity for an ongoing dialogue between researchers and industry stakeholders on how best to: 1) distill scientific knowledge into understandable and actionable information; 2) use different partnership structures and targeted approaches to make end users aware of research results; 3) ensure the use of research findings and interventions; and 4) plan for and evaluate these activities.

A broad cross-section of industry stakeholders and researchers participated in the meetings held between 2015 and 2019 (see Appendix 1). The discussions, findings, and evaluations from each meeting were used to influence future themes and topics, and led to information and resources for researchers and industry stakeholders to use in support of current and future research projects and outreach activities.

Between meetings, pilot projects were undertaken to test promising strategies and take advantage of opportunities to partner on r2p initiatives. This document includes a summary of meeting discussions, information from related r2p initiatives, and examples of resulting r2p pilot projects and new resources.

Part I – Reaching Target Audiences & Engaging Intermediaries (page 4)
Part II – Improving Dissemination to Ensure Use of Research Findings & Solutions (page 12)
Part III – Examples of r2p Pilot Projects and Resources (page 14)
Appendix 1 – r2p Seminar and Partnership Workshop Participating Organizations 2015-2019 (page 19)
Appendix 2 – Summary of Comments & Suggestions from r2p Seminar Presentations
and Partnership Workshops (page 22)
Appendix 3 – Summary of Insurance Survey Results (page 39)
Appendix 4 – CPWR Construction Safety & Health Research and Resources on Vulnerable
Worker Populations and Small Businesses (page 45)